Friday, April 15, 2016

Taking Risks!

Taking A Leap

I dove into teaching, this my first year, leaving behind a life as a new construction plumber and fully recovered from a traumatic brain injury.   The major payoff for me was having the ability to enrich children's lives EMOTIONALLY and EDUCATIONALLY.   This blog will explore the many adventures that coincide with my experiences in teaching!


Experience is Education

Throughout this year, there has been one reoccurring theme.....Within a shared experience comes astonishing, unexpected, life-changing learning.  What doesn't surprise me is that this learning is shared between children and their peers or that this learning is exchanged between teacher and students or students and teacher.  What really strikes me is the ways in which every student is provided the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and TAKE A RISK!

These risks have many different faces and can mean something different for each individual student. Whether it's simply working or being part of a group for a student with special needs, or exploring nature safely and comfortably for a child that has previously only spent time in the city.  It can also provide leadership opportunities for individuals that find the confines of a classroom stifling. Lastly, it can celebrate diversity and ultimately give glimpses into the many paths ones life can take.


Teachers, Take a Risk!

I admit, there are certainly many challenges that we encounter as educators throughout the school year.  Each of these challenges can easily become an excuse for not seeking out these unique experiences that enrich a students education and most importantly their life.  I live life with passion and I encourage my students  So, how can we avoid these pitfalls?

1.  Know your student
      This seems simple enough right?  Yet, just when I think I've learned about everything there is to know about a student BAM... They come to me with something completely unique and interesting.

2.  Build A Positive Team
     I know for sure that some of the experiences that my class has participated is the direct result of an idea that has come from within the teaching team I am a part of.  Our team is full of support and positivity. We have also owned up to each our strengths and weaknesses, giving us all the ability to feel successful.

3. Stay Connected
    The world we live in is increasingly connected through the various forms of social media.  It is our duty to continually search out authors, musicians, artists, and the limitless organizations that can provide a unique learning experience for our students.  This can be as simple as setting up a class twitter account or as challenging as writing a grant. Just put yourself out there and TAKE A RISK!


Everyday I set out to live my life full of positivity, kindness and compassion towards others, and to fully experience the breadth of experiences life gives us.  Let's take our learning outside the classroom.  Let's break down sterotypes. Let's teach our students to seek out and conquer every opportunity life has. 

Take a risk.
Start today.
Don't look back.

Chad Kurtyka

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